A Dining Experience

We established Eat Me Menus with a vision to bring the unique tastes and vibes of our restaurants, bars and farmers markets. Giving hungry people an opportunity to find healthy delicious solutions looking at their choice’s actual menus.

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Our selection of Eat Me Menus items make everyone feel special and satisfied. Our Beliefs bring that food and menu item passion to life and shape who we are as a company and as the people come here to eat and enjoy.

Feel the Atmosphere and Treat your Tastebuds!

You stumble out of the insanity of your everyday life with the satisfaction of knowing that you have escaped. You can’t be held responsible for your actions until you get sustenance, perhaps a cocktail and unwind. It’s time to relax, eat, and drink at a wonderful establishment of your choice. You’ve earned it. That’s Eat Me Menus!

Local Farm-to-Table

“Produce from local farmers has spent more time on the vine, on the tree or in the ground, so you get better taste and more nutrients” “When it comes to fresh fruit and vegetables, the shorter the time and distance from farm to sale, the higher the levels of vitamins and minerals.” Restaurants and consumers always find value at a “Farmers Market.”